12112125_196751700655987_7281027131248804930_nHere’s someone we are VERY excited to have on board!


He came from another dimension, where others looked just like him.
Boneface’s secret Lair is now located somewhere in the wastelands of Liverpool,
UK. His works of evil have been shown around the world, including galleries in
San Francisco and Sydney. His mad campaign to conquer the entire world is
slowly coming together…
Described as ‘slimed pop-art’, boneface’s work is jammed with the colour
schemes of early 90’s Marvel and 50’s monster comics. Featuring superheroes and
villains, leather clad ghoul’s and skulls galore, boneface combines dark imagery
with badass characters. Just don’t ask what’s underneath their

Nikki Anderson

11696705_10153360442553051_252340936_nIs one of our talented artists from CPL Animate.

“I am passionate about living a creative life and I love to find the fun in the everyday. A designer at heart I am always creating logos and inventing new brands. Working with a team is my true love, watching a team develop and grow is one of the most rewarding and positive parts of what I do. ”

Chris Arrowsmith

image1Is one of our talented artists from CPL Animate.

“There once was a young lad called Chris
One day a math’s lesson he did miss
Not such a shame
Because art is his game
Now he thinks drawing is bliss”

Angharad Pearce

FullSizeRender“2D and stop motion animator, model maker and tea drinker. Born in South Wales (hence my name if you were wondering). I have always loved animation and have wanted to make things come to life ever since I was a little kid. I have worked on various animation projects since graduating from Manchester Met University some have even been on TV… (claim to fame). Who wouldn’t love a job that lets you be creative and make people happy by watching it.”

Matthew Jones

tumblr_nkjrxrIFFZ1txok6vo1_1280“I’m one of the animator nerds at CPL, and at home I’m a passionate digital painter. I’ve been working in the animation field now for 3 years, but I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil.

My whole life has been surrounded by art, and making it too, so it felt like the natural decision to try and turn my passion and love for drawing, into an awesome career, that brings so many characters to life.”

Rebecca Currell

12170254_10153942848401487_619655982_n“I have always had a passion for drawing, I often spent my childhood being the strange girl drawing at the disco, while everyone else was throwing shapes. Look at me now! Using my skills that I studied at university to finally use and improve every day. In my spare time I draw even more, I love going to music festivals, playing video games, and I balloon and model face paint for friend’s parties. So all in all I still drawn at discos… just now it’s on people’s faces!”

Phil George

Phil New Years“Raised by bigfoot’s (bigfeet?) in the pacific northwest on a diet of caffeine and cigarettes. Sent to the city to learn about humans. Fell in love with a blacksmiths daughter. Discovered animation, illustration and video. Still see my bigfoot family, but it’s not the same.
Life Lesson:
Next time someone annoys you, close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember that in 200 years-time, everyone you know will be nothing but dust and bone. Puts things in perspective.”

Vicky Barker

12079715_198050047192819_3456737753570628785_nVicky Barker Design and Illustration.

Here’s a little more about her…

“Freelance designer, illustrator and art director based in Liverpool, but occasionally go and escape to Los Angeles from time to time. I’ve worked in the world of publishing for almost 10 years designing and illustrating for the children’s market and now have over 130 titles across a pretty broad range of books under my belt. From baby and novelty, activity and sticker books, all the way up to older fiction and non-fiction titles and cover artwork for comic books. I’m a character designer who is partial to a bit of screen printing. Lover of Adventure Time and chocolate biscuits.”

Check out more of her work at:

Kirsten Shiel

12115983_198334590497698_7207787607057207978_nKirsten Shiel is one of the artists taking part in our exhibition! Take a look at her work at

“Kirsten is an Irish illustrator based in Manchester. She’s been drawing since she knew how to hold a pencil, and frequently got in trouble at school for never putting it down. She works primarily in children’s books, advertising and editorial illustration. Her favourite thing to draw is food, which is weird because she’s a very restrictive vegan. She’s currently freelancing from Kilogramme Animation Studio in Manchester. When not working with clients, you can find her working away on ambitious personal projects and series, mainly of food. She has an impressive collection of prints from other illustrators, and not enough frames or wall space to display them.”

Ian Chappell

12088279_199441380387019_4953321265993798861_nWe are super excited to have Ian Chappell involved! If you haven’t already check out his Instagram and Big Cartel. There’s some awesome items available!
Insta: @whereschappell

Here’s a short background on this talented dude;

“I Started sculpting with clay about a year ago, with a passion for movies, toys and sneakers reflected in my work.
I learnt how to mould my sculptures using silicone and how to cast in resin, wax and plaster from watching tutorials online. From there, I set up a website selling wax sneaker candles and resin art toys of my own creation and of iconic movie characters that wore equally iconic sneakers on screen. All my work is handmade from start to finish in Leeds.”

Big Foot Studios

12115698_200552923609198_6153596436164001586_nWe are so pleased to have artwork from Big Foot Studios

A Liverpool based provider of quality Illustration and production design for the Entertainment and Advertising Industry.
You can visit the guys at Gostins Arcade, Liverpool, or head over to their online store and take a look at some of their work!…/game-of-thrones-tyrion-lannister-pri…

Leyla Gurr

12080178_200936196904204_3592445200259334763_oThe next amazing artist involved is Leyla Gurr. We are so happy to have her on board. She has donated an amazing piece that’s available at the auction on event day. Check out some of her work:

Here’s a little background on Leyla;

‘I’ve been a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for 5 years. I work commercially as a print designer by day to pay for my wonderful toys and change masks when the sun goes down to fight crime and do freelance Illustration. Often at exactly the same time. It might look like I’m just sat at a desk but honestly, crime is being fought. Vigorously.

My illustration work is mostly on a piece by piece commission basis and I’m heavily influenced by pop culture, particularly sci-fi movies and comic book art. I draw inspiration from all over and really love to experiment with different styles. My aim is to take what people love and show them it again in a different light.’

Josephine Scales

12116003_201399603524530_4985756100265625632_nWe can’t wait to see Josephine Scales Illustration‘s artwork on display. Check out some more of her awesome work.

Here’s a little bit more about her;

“As far as myself, I am an illustrator and have lived in Liverpool for 15 years now, although I’m originally from Cumbria. At the moment I do a lot of ‘portraits’ where I take peoples histories and fit them together into a picture to tell a story. I have done all sorts of work from motion activated animated installations to live drawing for events but I’m particularly interested in depicting peoples lives and personal stories. My artwork is often based around themes of feminism, mental health and the everyday ridiculousness of life. I’d like to think it’s pretty funny… but I’ll leave that for you to decide”

Kathrine Anderson

12113320_201607720170385_1491669133612001963_ois on-board and will be displaying some Back to the Future Trilogy inspired work to feast your eyes on (and possibly even take home)! Check out some of her other work.
twitter @keandersonart

Here’s a little more about Kathrine;

‘Kathrine Anderson is a bespectacled local artist who is currently building her portfolio up. She likes making alternate film poster for clients, private commissions and other such artistic proclivities. She loves back to the future and is very excited to be part of this project. Get in touch, she’d love to say hello!’

Andrew Thomson

12107989_202275216770302_1479234668821244570_nCheck out some of his incredible work;

Here’s a little more about him;

‘Andrew Thomson is a Freelance Illustrator & Artist based in Guildford. He studied illustration in Preston and graduated in 2010.
He spends his time drawing, making music, cycling and sitting for hours on end, glass eyed, in front of Photoshop trying to find a way to get back to his sketchbook.
Andrew is a fun and enthusiastic person to work with, despite the fact he enjoys talking pretentiously from a 3rd person perspective.
Andrew is currently available for commission, but feel free to contact him to have a chat about art, music, life, collaborations, bikes, pens, guitars and coffee.

WIRED magazine, Women’s Weekly magazine, Penguin Books, The Ride Journal… and many more’

Another artist coming your way very soon!

Zombie Media

12068840_202277573436733_7863282616794373500_owill be exhibiting some awesome prints at ‘Hey McFly’ on ‪#‎futureday‬. Definitely worth checking them out.

Here’s a little bit more about the man behind Zombie Media;

‘I live in Bristol, with my wife and three sons. I trained as an Art teacher, before moving into ICT. Alongside this I have been designing tshirts, websites and logos for a number of years under my designer name of ZombieMedia.

I get inspired by things that amuse me or make me laugh, I love puns and pop culture mashups. My tshirt work is generally based on this. My designs have been featured on some of the biggest tshirt sites including TeeFury, Shirt.Woot, RIPT Apparel and The Yetee.

You can see more of my work on the various social media, and even commission unique pieces!’